Red sailing boat at anchor in Hythe Quay in Maldon, Essex
Red sailing boat at anchor in Hythe Quay in Maldon, Essex

Essex - Hythe Quay Boat Trips

Historic Hythe Quay

Pictureque Hythe Quay in Maldon is home to many of the last remaining Thames barges, which now carry passengers on sight-seeing trips and cruises.

Maldon is one of the oldest recorded towns in Essex and a walk up the high street to the centre of town reveals many buildings whose brick facades conceal medieval timber frames.

Hythe was originally a separate hamlet serving Maldon as a cargo port where, among other things, the East Coast barges transported hay and straw up the Thames to feed London's large population of working horses. These barges stopped carrying cargo many years ago, but the survivors are now lovingly preserved by their owners with some used as pleasure craft.

Locally built boats such as the restored Viking Saga, built in 1947, run cruises from the quay and nearby ports as well as excursions out past Heybridge towards Osea Island then back in the opposite direction past Hythe Quay.

Topsail Charters run two hour sailing trips from the quay out to Northey and Osea Islands on the iconic Thames barges, some of which include morning coffee and pastries, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner - depending on the time of day.

A boat trip is a great way to see Maldon and its surrounding from the water taking in the pretty vistas of the coast and river mouth and the town's historic landmarks.