Views along River Teise on a summer day in Kent
Views along River Teise on a summer day in Kent

Kent - Teise Anglers & Conservation Society

Fly-fishing on the River Teise

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fly-fisher, if you're interested in fishing for brown trout, rainbow trout or grayling in Kent then the River Teise, a tributary of the Medway, is an excellent place to start.

Although most of the river fishing in Kent is for coarse fish, there are some stretches of river where anglers can fish for trout. The Teise Anglers and Conservation Society is a non-profit making fly fishing club which fishes more than seven miles of the pretty River Teise as well as maintaining a reservoir at Marden Beech.

This stretch of the River Teise flows through farmland is mainly over Kentish clay, but is interspersed with stretches of rock and gravel. There are some fast runs and a number of pools - some of which are quite deep. The river changes its characteristics throughout its course, giving a variety of conditions to suit both the beginner and the more experienced fly-fisher. The club also maintains a small stocked reservoir near Marden.

The Teise holds native brown trout and there are also regular stockings of brown trout and rainbow trout. The river also has its own natural head of grayling.

One of pleasures of fishing on the Teise is that it's surrounded by the beautiful countryside of the Weald. Walking the bank between the various fishing points on the river allows you to enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons. At times the banks are a blaze of wild flowers, you see the flash of a kingfisher's iridescent plumage, hear the rhythmic beat of a woodpecker at work and smell the pungent aroma of wild garlic... you might need to remind yourself that you're there for the fishing.