Nevis Range Ski Resort
Nevis Range Ski Resort

Scottish Highlands - Nevis Range Ski Resort

Grab your gear and head to the Nevis Range Ski Resort

The Nevis Range Ski Resort is Scotland's highest Snowsports destination for skiing and snowboarding.

The winter season there typically lasts from late December to April, but this can change based on the amount of snow.

As Scotland's newest resort Nevis Range is home to astounding views and the nation's best lift-served freeride terrain.
At 1190 meters, it has 20 kilometres of north-facing slopes right next to Ben Nevis, the UK's tallest mountain. Views of the Western Highlands, numerous lochs, and, on clear days, the Cuillin on the Isle of Skye are all visible from this location. However, Scotland's best in-bounds freeride terrain, the Back Corries, is the real showpiece. In good conditions, you can ski seriously steep lines that rival those in the Alps.

The ski hill, which is at the top of the UK’s only mountain gondola, is 10 minutes away from Fort William, the base town which can be reached by bus or car. It is full of great food choices and some incredible gear shops, as well as the stunning loch-side landscape.

Conditions can fluctuate, as they do in all Scottish resorts, but on a good day, the freeriding can rival the best in the world, and you won't find more stunning scenery. So, be as flexible as you can and be ready to drop everything and run to the mountains when the weather is good. All of the slopes on Aonach Mor are on the north-facing slopes, and they go from the summit at 1190 meters to the gondola top station at 650 meters. Some safe beginner slopes are immediately outside the top station, supported by an artificial slope for when there is bad snow.

Nevis Range is perfect for when you're looking for off-piste terrain, whereas Warren's zone can offer some on-piste challenges. There is nowhere else in Scotland where the backcountry is as accessible as in the Back Corries. The main ways down are Chancer, Yellow Bellow, and Winger Wall. These routes often start with a cornice drop, but once you get there, the slopes often have a lot of powder, all the way down to the Braveheart Chair. A short walk across the summit to Spikes and Summit Gully is well worth it for a huge vertical and frequently completely new tracks if you're feeling adventurous and dressed appropriately. In addition to being the only restaurant on the hill, the Snowgoose Restaurant is the hub of the ski area. At the base of the gondola, there is also a café and a place to rent skis, but Fort William, where all of the lodging and other facilities are, is 10 minutes away.


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