Buy to Let Investment


Considering a holiday buy-to-let investment? Here’s what you need to know...

We certainly believe that owning a holiday home that you can get away to for some much-needed relaxation time whenever you feel like it is invaluable. But more and more people are considering how to supplement their income with buy-to-let properties.

Although travel abroad is still incredibly popular, lots of brits have found a new love for UK holidays over the last three years and the UK holiday market has boomed. Thousands of holidaymakers are looking for that special place to get away from it all without needing to get on a plane. Many of whom probably hadn’t realised just how many fabulous locations we have right here in the UK! They’re looking for somewhere they can enjoy the space, freedom and flexibility that comes with staying in a fully equipped UK holiday home.

All of this creates opportunities for savvy investors.

Of course, there are lots of things to consider when buying a holiday let. Lots of people buy second homes to use and enjoy themselves. And if this is your aim, then you may only want to let for the minimum time needed to cover your costs, which is generally quite easy to do.

However, if you’re taking a more commercial approach, and your main aim is to make money, there’s more to think about.

Is the location desirable?

The first and most obvious is to think about the broad appeal of the location where you plan to purchase. You may love the thought of staying in the middle of a windswept moor, isolated from the world with no access to shops (and there’s certainly a market for that), but it probably isn’t everyone’s top choice.

How will you manage the short and long-term upkeep?

If you’re buying a holiday let that isn’t within a larger resort or development with onsite services available, is it going to be manageable? By that we mean, how are you going to deal with guest changeovers (cleaning, changing bed linen etc) and deal with the general upkeep of the property itself?

What type of property will work best for you?

Are you considering a luxury lodge? Or maybe a holiday cottage or modern apartment? Cottages can be an excellent investment, as they tend to appreciate in value just as a normal property would, but the management and upkeep can be harder on your time and pocket. Plus, these types of properties are often in high demand among local people with investment ideas of their own.

Have you considered buying on a park development?

The upside of buying property on a custom development is that not only will you own holiday accommodation in a desirable area, but your guests will also have access to all the facilities, entertainment, and activities etc that these sites offer. Holiday parks can be excellent options from both an occupancy and tariff perspective. They may have options available to help you manage the entire letting process, too.

Some other key considerations when it comes to buying within holiday developments:

• Length of property lease/licence
• Ongoing running costs – such as utilities
• Commission charged for the letting service
• Is it a well-maintained site? Have they been adding and investing in the facilities?
• Price of the holiday homes
• Re-sale options - if there is a commission to sell make sure you factor that into your calculations

Whether you’re looking to offset the costs of a holiday home for your own use, or you’re approaching it as a purely commercial venture, there are lots of options.

And, if we’ve inspired you, why not browse some of the fabulous holiday properties currently available across the UK?