Dartmoor sunset, lake and hills, green ferns
Dartmoor sunset, lake and hills, green ferns

Devon - Dartmoor National Park

Explore this famous National Park in the heart of Devon

Wild, open moorlands and deep river valleys, with a rich history and rare wildlife, striking tors and swathes of heather, Dartmoor National Park will touch your soul.

With 450 miles of paths to walk, cycle, run or ride, thousands of archaeological sites and features to discover the past, Dartmoor is packed full of stunning views that steal your breath, mysterious stories to intrigue and spaces to simply sit and be.

Visit one of the three National Park Visitor Centres. They are excellent starting points for exploring Dartmoor because of their abundance of natural and built beauty, opportunities for short or long walks, and activities for people of all ages.

Devon and Dartmoor can be explored and enjoyed in a variety of ways, whether on foot, by bicycle, or on horseback; However, the most common method is walking. There are several different walks, from circular, to linear, all with different levels of difficulty. These may go from under several miles, to 12 miles+.

With its extensive network of quiet lanes, designated cycle routes, and more than 350 kilometres of bridleways and byways, Dartmoor is a great place to cycle. The Dartmoor and Surrounding Area for Cyclists map is an invaluable resource for helping you plan great routes on and around Dartmoor. However, cycling is not permitted on open moorland or common land unless it is on a designated bridleway or permitted route. This intense, nitty gritty waterproof guide shows cycle courses for going mud romping or visiting and is accessible to purchase from the Public Park Guest Focuses.

However, if you’re ready for something more exciting, Dartmoor is the ideal location for horseback riding. Everywhere you look, you'll find dramatic scenery, challenging routes, vast open spaces, and breath-taking scenery. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out on your first trek or if you're an experienced rider looking for a new challenge; Dartmoor is hard to beat in either scenario. You can ride out to the open moor, hack along woodland trails and bridleways, or ride along historic byways in the footsteps of Dartmoor's ancestors.

Along with the ponies, one of Dartmoor’s most iconic sights is its tors. There are more than 160 tors in the national park; dramatic granite outcrops, typically perched atop a hill. From Bowerman's Nose, an instantly recognizable stack of rocks, to Haytor Rocks, a towering mass that dominates its landscape, each tor has its own distinct formation.

For centuries, the striking appearance of many tors has piqued the imaginations of storytellers and the moor's inhabitants. Others have evolved into places of rites, burial, and worship. Today, tors motivate walkers to scale Dartmoor's most strenuous peaks in order to get the best views of the stunning landscape in the national park.


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