Red narrow boat moored on a canal next to a towpath
Red narrow boat moored on a canal next to a towpath

Lanarkshire - Scottish Canals Boat Hire

Explore the Scottish waterways by boat

Get out on the water to make the most of the canal.

Public body, Scottish Canals, allow you to rent out boats on canals all around Lanarkshire. It's great for days out on the water or just to spend a few hours experiencing something new and exciting.

All the options are available here, from sailing along the Caledonian aboard a chartered yacht to canal boat day trips through Scotland’s biggest cities.

The Forth & Clyde and Union Canals are ideal for narrowboat cruising, while the Crinan and Caledonian Canals provide important yachting routes through awe-inspiring highland scenery.

Scottish Canals also has lots of guidance for boaters, especially those who are new to boating, meaning anyone can rent one without a need for previous experience, so it's great if you're looking to try something new. And for those who already own a boat, they also offer long-term mooring and licences.

Scottish Canals is the operating name of the British Waterways Board.


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