Bala Golf Club, mountains in the background
Bala Golf Club, mountains in the background

Gwynedd - Bala Golf Club

This golf course was designed by Llandudno pro, Syd Collins

Designed by well-known Llandudno pro, Syd Collins, the Bala golf course has given nature a free rein in providing the natural hazards needed for a great round of golf. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, you’ll find Bala tests your skills without being too frustrating.

The 10-hole golf course is laid out on a plateau nearly 1000 feet above sea level, so it has striking views of the Arenig Range to the North, the Aran Range to the South West and the Berwyn Range running West to East. You'll struggle not to stop and admire these striking views. Immediately below the course is the famed and beautiful Llyn Tegid, the largest natural lake in the area, which sits like a jewel in the valley.

It’s a great course if you’re after something a bit out of the ordinary thanks to the varied challenges provided by the natural hazards. The designer, Syd Collins, the well known North Wales pro, really made the most of the natural advantages offered by the location.

Bala also has a clubhouse with spectacular panoramic views across miles of Welsh countryside. It’s hard to think of a better setting to relax with a post-round drink.