Daffodils under blue cloudy sky in Ferndale
Daffodils under blue cloudy sky in Ferndale

North Yorkshire - Farndale Daffodil Walk

An easy 3.5 mile amble through Yorkshire farms and valleys

A beautiful stroll along Farndale valley between the picturesque villages of Low Mill and Church Houses.

Follow the loop for a gentle couple of hours ambling through the Yorkshire countryside.

Enjoy a classic spring walk in the so-called ‘Daffodil Dale’ to see Farndale’s glorious wild daffodils. It’s a straightforward 3.5 mile linear route alongside the enchanting River Dove, from Low Mill to Church Houses and back, though there is an alternative return route that climbs through farm fields for some lovely valley views.

The path along the River Dove is clearly marked, from Low Mill to Church Houses. It's mostly on the level, with just two short inclines, and is largely surfaced. There are several gates but no stiles. The field paths have steeper sections, and pass through farmland and farmyards and there are occasional stiles.

The daffodil meadows and woodlands of Farndale are privately owned and are a part of working farms.

Please keep your dog under close control (preferably on a lead) at all times.

Obviously, to see the daffodils you need to visit in early Spring. Depending on the weather, the blooms are usually out between mid-March and mid-April, but this is a charming walk in any season.

The advice is to stick to the paths and to resist picking the daffodils so that they can be left for future generations to enjoy.