Wooden punts lined up along the Cam in Cambridge city centre
Wooden punts lined up along the Cam in Cambridge city centre

Cambridgeshire - Scudamore's Punting

Traditional punting along the Cam

Scudamore's Punting owns the largest fleet of punts in Cambridge, with 150 craft available for hire along two routes - the College Backs and Grantchester.

What could be more tranquil than gliding through the water on a traditional punt and admiring some of the historic sights of Cambridge that can't be seen any other way? You’ll pass iconic spots like the gothic splendour of King’s College Chapel, the classical elegance of the Wren Library, the Bridge of Sighs and the Mathematical Bridge.

With Scudamore's you have the choice of a 45-minute guided punt tour along the famous College Backs or, if you're feeling brave, you can also self-hire a punt. Better yet, Scudamore's is open every day except the 25th December.

As well as their Quayside punt station, Scudamore's also has two additional punt locations in Cambridge:

The Boatyard punt station - between the Mill Lane station and the University Centre (CB2 1RS, Granta Place, Mill Lane).

The Mill Lane punt station - opposite the Mill pub and next to our Boatyard punt station (CB2 1RS, Granta Place, Mill Lane).

If there's a better way to explore the gorgeous city of Cambridge, we haven't found it.