The Nash Point Lighthouse at sunrise with the waves breaking on shore below
The Nash Point Lighthouse at sunrise with the waves breaking on shore below

Glamorgan - Nash Point Lighthouse

Try this 5.5 km circular trail in the Vale of Glamorgan

Nash Point, in the heart of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast, is a spectacular location to visit. With a large bedrock beach full of fossils and fertile rock pools, stunning rugged cliffs and rock formations, and all topped off by the majestic Nash Point Lighthouse.

Enjoy this 5.5 kilometre circular trail in the Vale of Glamorgan, near Southerndown. It takes the average walker about 1 hour and 26 minutes to complete and is a fairly easy route.
This is a popular trail with runners, mountain bikers, and hikers, but even in the busier seasons, you can still find some peace and quiet.

The trail is beautiful to visit at any time and is open and accessible all year round. It's best to park at Monknash Beach (you'll can pay the small fee in advance). You then follow the trail to the lighthouse, which takes you through the surrounding landscape.

Visitors can travel to nearby regions with stunning views of the sea, wide open spaces, and some wooded trails via a variety of pathways. The view of the lighthouse near the end of the walk is a great motivation for if you're slowing down or getting tired!

Nash Point is great place for spotting an exciting variety of wildlife species, from the endangered Tuberous Thistles, wild carrot and cabbage, to graceful fulmers flying overhead and playful porpoises in the turbulent water by the sand bank. (Look out for the bouy which marks the eastern edge of this massive sand bank.)

Why not take a picnic or a thermos and stay a while to enjoy the coastal views.