Fishing jetties at Hackett Lakes in Nottinghamshire
Fishing jetties at Hackett Lakes in Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire - Hackett Lakes

Excellent stillwater fishing for carp and coarse anglers

Hackett Lakes is a fabulous fishing experience in a peaceful location, less than four miles from the centre of Nottingham. The purpose-built lakes have established themselves with matchmen, carpers and pleasure anglers alike. A strong stocking policy has seen over 17,000 carp added since 2000.

They provide solid match weights and fantastic pleasure sessions.

There are two lakes which both fish very well, and is an enjoyable day out for anyone who likes to fish.

If you are looking for an ideal match lake, the smaller of the two lakes is perfect. It's been stocked with varying carp sizes up to 20lbs in weight. Chub, roach and perch can all be found in the reeds as well as tench slightly further out.

The larger lake is also stocked with similarly sized carp. In the summer chub, perch and roach can be found in the reeds but they move to deeper areas in the winter as the water cools.

If you're planning a visit, give the team a call to get the latest tips on where to set up. Lake 2 is a fairly big water and there's no point fishing in the wrong place, no matter how nice the weather might be!

There are regular match bookings, so not all of the venue is available all of the time.