View across the causeway to St Michael's Mount island and castle
View across the causeway to St Michael's Mount island and castle

Cornwall - St Michael's Mount

Explore over 1000 years of history

The magical, history-rich island and castle of St Michael’s Mount is one of the jewels in Cornwall’s crown.

Hop on a boat – or walk across the causeway during low tide – to a community where modern life comes face to face with over a thousand years of history.

St Michael’s Mount is a tidal island, connected to the mainland by an ancient, cobbled causeway.

Still home to the St Aubyn family as well as a small community of estate workers, this iconic place is crowned by a medieval church and castle – with the oldest buildings dating back to the 12th century. Immerse yourself in history, wonder at the architecture and discover the legend of Jack the Giant Killer.

The sub-tropical terraced garden is also well worth exploring. There are breath-taking views of Mount’s Bay as you stroll the steep, sloping terraces and you’ll spot all manner of unlikely plants, which thrive in the curiously mild microclimate. Despite the gales and salty winds that batter this spot, frosts are rare and the rock acts like a giant storage heater – absorbing warmth by day and releasing it at night.

Don't forget to check the tide times to see when the causeway will be accessible. It only takes around 15 minutes to walk across, but it really is the best way to arrive on the island.