The Bluebell Arboretum with frost and snow on the grass
The Bluebell Arboretum with frost and snow on the grass

Derbyshire - Bluebell Arboretum

Rediscover the majesty and wonder of trees

Bluebell Arboretum is a plant nursery and garden near the village of Simsby in South Derbyshire. It has a Royal Horticultural Society recommended woodland garden, comprising a large selection of rare trees, shrubs and climbers.

Surrounding the nursery is a stunning nine-acre woodland garden just waiting to be explored. And, although most of the large trees are still young, many of the shrubs and smaller trees are already showing off their full beauty with rare plant treasures on display to entice the real enthusiast!

As you stroll through the garden, you'll notice the emphasis on nature education. The plant collection is extensive and well-labelled and there are many posters describing points of botanical and ecological interest, which stimulates further interest in trees and botany in general, especially among younger visitors. The collection includes numerous species and cultivars from Northern Asia, North America and other temperate regions around the world.