Cable Bay Beach
Cable Bay Beach

Anglesey - Cable Bay

Explore the beautiful Welsh coast at Cable Bay

This small and sheltered bay is great for catching some bigger waves on a large swell, especially in the winter season as it’s nestled in between two headlands.

The short and narrow bay provides you with short and fast rides into the bay. It’s mainly a right-handed wave and works best with an easterly wind, a south-westerly swell and a high tide. The beach is small so it can get quite busy in the water when the surf’s up.

Kayakers are also known to invade this space so watch out!

The beach at Cable Bay is particularly beautiful and underdeveloped with gently sloping sands so, predictably, it tends to draw in big crowds of locals and visitors in the summer months. Make sure you get there early if you want to catch the perfect wave without clattering into your fellow surfers.