Lighthouse at sunset on Penmon Point in Wales
Lighthouse at sunset on Penmon Point in Wales

Anglesey - Penmon Point

Cast your rod out to sea at Penmon Point

Facing Puffin Island, Penmom Point is a great place for fishing. It’s surrounded by rocky sections with deep water, a pebble beach, and rock marks on the west side. The Point itself can be used for plugging and spinning. And it’s a good spot for pollack, whiting, codling, bass, flatties, dogfish, dabs, wrasse, and conger eel. The water is clean and clear so you could even drag the rest of the family along for a paddle and some sandcastles.

Penmon point is a well-known mackerel sea fishing mark - on bigger tides you can get down on to a ledge to the left of the lighthouse at low tide and it produces well. Casting diagonally out usually puts you into the mackerel shoals.

As well as being picturesque, the lighthouse also provides a spot to try for some bottom species such as bull huss and bass.

And, if all that fishing gets too much (as if), you can take a break to see if you can spot a seal or dolphin.