Cymyan Beach, person fishing at sunset
Cymyan Beach, person fishing at sunset

Anglesey - Cymyan Beach Sea Fishing

Hooked on sea fishing? Cymyan Beach is perfect for you

If you’re ‘hooked’ on sea fishing, put your waders on and grab your rod because Traeth Cymyran (Cymyran Beach) is a great location to spend a day casting out to sea.

The tide rushes past this sandy shingle beach creating ideal feeding conditions for larger predatory fish such as cod and sea bass. You can also catch pollock, grey mullet, flounder, mackerel, flatfish, and rays here.

The shore can have currents up to 8 knots and gives you a variety of ways to fish and quarry to target, depending on the tide and wind. There’s a deep channel at the start of this area that’s perfect if you’re keen to capture bass, or small-eyed rays. Fishing can be done by day or night and there’s a plentiful supply of local bait that you can either dig yourself responsibly or buy from the local fishing shops.

If you’re more inclined to wade out into the ocean, watch the tide and be careful as the water moves quickly and accidents have been known.

You can also fish from Traeth Llydan (Broad Beach), Traeth Crigyll (Town Beach), Porth Trecastell (Cable Bay) and rock marks such as Ty Croes.