The famous honeycombed domes of the Eden Project
The famous honeycombed domes of the Eden Project

Cornwall - The Eden Project

Get up close and personal with the natural world at The Eden Project

The Eden Project gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with the natural world. Dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World by some, it’s a dramatic global garden the size of 30 football pitches.

More than just a huge, tropical garden, Eden is a gateway into the relationships between plants and people and gives a fascinating insight into the story of mankind's dependence on plant life. Eden is also fast becoming a unique resource for education and sharing knowledge of how to secure a sustainable future for our planet.

You can experience the sights, smells, and huge scale of the rainforests in the world’s largest greenhouse, the Rainforest Biome. Then head to the Mediterranean Biome to discover the sights and scents of the Mediterranean, California, South Africa, and Western Australia.

You’ll be taken on a multi-sensory journey full of different aromas, textures, climates, and temperatures as you travel from the temperate tropics through the warm humidity and rich earthy scents of the Rainforest Biome and on to the dry warmth and citrusy scents of the Mediterranean Biome. There are lots of textures to explore in the Outdoor Gardens, too – as well as a range of heady scents of more familiar flowers such as lilies, sweet peas and more. Listen to the roar of the waterfall in the Rainforest Biome or see if you can identify some of the British birds that have made the Outdoor Gardens their home.

If you’re visiting in the summer, check out the Eden Sessions, a series of outdoor concerts that take place every year and attract some big names. Listening to live music in such a unique, magical setting is a real treat.

And, when you’ve taken in all these smells, scents and sights, you can relax and enjoy some local produce at one of the many restaurants and cafés.

But it gets better! The Eden Project has won awards for accessibility, so no-one misses out on the fun here. As well as the focus on multi-sensory experiences, there’s also wheelchair access, and a Braille guidebook and free audio tours for visually-impaired visitors.