Cefni Reservoir
Cefni Reservoir

Anglesey - Cefni Reservoir

Try out traditional fishing techniques at Cefni Reservoir!

If you’re looking for a traditional fishing experience where you can relax among the sounds of nature, then the 86-hectare Cefni Reservoir is the place for you. The lake is stocked with high-quality fish, which you can catch while enjoying the views from boat or bank. You'll also find species such as native wild brown trout and stocked rainbow trout here.

The lake lends itself well to traditional Loch-style fishing, especially targeting the native wild brown trout when drifting in a boat. Bank anglers have lots of areas to roam and not feel overcrowded.

Setting yourself up with a 9ft or 10ft 6wt fly rod with a floating fly line is ideal, but you should also consider intermediate, slow, and fast sinking lines throughout the season. Bear in mind that you’ll often be fishing in a stiff breeze and a heavier line will help you get your flies out. Plus the extra length of a 10ft rod gives you a little more control of the flies from a drifting boat. Modern techniques also work well for both the stocked rainbows and wild brown trout.

The lake is spilt into two by a disused railway embankment and, as well as fishing, it has a 6.3km circular trail that takes you around the entire lake. It’s quiet and uncrowded, perfect for a peaceful day out.

There are toilet facilities, a fishing hut and a car park on site.