Waves breaking on the beach at Rhosneigr bay in Wales
Waves breaking on the beach at Rhosneigr bay in Wales

Anglesey - Rhosneigr Bay

Grab your board and catch a wave at Rhosneigr bay

Rhosneigr is a fantastic spot when the conditions are right and is probably the most accessible location for beginner surfers to build their confidence. The west-facing nature of the shores means that there’s some great surf, especially in the winter.

It’s widely known to be a beach break and has waves in different directions – right hand and left hand. The ideal wind is from a north-easterly direction, while the ideal swell is south-westerly. It works in every tide condition, but you’ll need to be careful of the rocks. Rhosneigr is known to pick up more swell than some other Anglesey beaches but it’s good for beginners as it never picks up a swell higher than 4 or 5 feet.

The beach here is also popular with kite surfers and windsurfers who make use of the strong winds that sweep off the Irish sea.

It is also a great place to paddle board when the waves have calmed down. With the clear water, there’s plenty of unique and fascinating underwater landscapes to explore beneath your board.